Wedding day regrets: this isn’t a topic that you really hear much about. I mean no one wants to even consider the thought that their wedding day will be anything less than a memorable and magical experience.

While doing some research in order to put together some budgeting tips, I came across multiple articles about wedding day regrets. One article stated that 76% of couples surveyed confessed that there were things about their wedding they wished they had done differently, while a whopping 43% flat out regretted some major decisions regarding wedding expenses. Don’t fret! The majority of those surveyed agreed that the positives from their day far outweighed the negative.

Here’s a combined list of the top things couples wished they had done differently.

Linens and venue upgrades:

At the end of the day your guests aren’t really going to remember the fancy tablecloths and chair covers, so is splurging for these items a priority?

Guest favors:

It’s a great idea to provide a special treat for your guests, but it’s something that can become costly. We’ve noticed many favors left behind at the end of a wedding night.


This one was a bit surprising, but many brides regretted paying too much for a new dress. Others regretted being influenced in their selection by a friend or relative.


Every article listed invitations as an area where couples felt they overspent.


This one was found in both the “we spent too much” and “we didn’t spend enough” categories. Some regretted overspending on a venue that didn’t fit their style or needs. Others regretted their attempt to save money on a venue that was too small or didn’t offer an alternative in case of rain.


I think this one completely depends on your guest list. If you and your guests are dancers then a good DJ is a must. If dancing isn’t your thing perhaps splurging on a band will provide more entertainment for you and your guests.


While some brides felt overly stressed throughout the planning process and wish they had hired a professional. Others say they could’ve done the job themselves and regretted spending the money.


So this is one category that every article mentioned. Most couples regretted not spending more or doing more research when it came to hiring their photographer. This is the one area that will stay with you throughout your marriage. A bad Dj is a funny story, but bad photos are tangible memories lost forever.


This is another category with regrets on both sides. The main reasons couples regretted overspending for video coverage was the length of the final video and only watching it once. Others wish they had included videography so they could relive important moments like their vows and toasts.

Food and Drinks:

This one’s a biggie and plays an important role in your guest’s experience. Not having enough or having mediocre food can really spoil your guests enjoyment. However your not splurging for topshelf liquor isn’t going to ruin anyone’s day.

In the end most couples seemed to regret overspending or focusing too much on small details. So when organizing your wedding budget, be sure to focus on what will not only add to you and your guest’s enjoyment of the day, but also the memories that you will cherish for years to come.