Your ICloud Storage is Full. Ugh… Thank you for letting me know for the thousandth time! Isn’t that the way it always is? I’m a photographer, it’s what I do for a living and I truly value photos yet here I am with a phone full of images and no idea what’s there.

Well I finally broke down and started going through the 999 photos and videos I have on my phone to see what I can delete. As I was swiping through it really hit home how many photos I’d taken last year. Sitting here now thinking about it all we ever seem to focus on is the bad.

Just think about New Year’s eve and how many posts were hoping for a better 2021. But looking through those photos I saw so many precious moments. Sure it was a crazy time. There were lots of emotional ups and downs, but looking at these photos there were so many memorable moments that should be cherished, and not relegated to afterthoughts.

Sure the pandemic and election was forefront in our lives, but we should never let the negative outweigh the positives. So I encourage you all to get those photos off your phones and out of the cloud. Put in a little effort and design a photo album. Find at least 1 special moment to print and hang it where you can see it so you will remember that joy can be found even in a challenging time.