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Surprise Proposal at The Lost Square

To celebrate their anniversary Genevieve and Trent went to one of their favorite rooftop bars to read letters from one another and watch the sunset. As Genevieve was reading her letter Trent got down on one knee behind her. As she finished her letter she turned toward Trent and gasped with a pretty loud expletive. 

As the shock of the moment wore Trent had more surprises up his sleeve. A group of their friends and family had come out to celebrate with them. 

Congratulations to Trent and Genevieve on their engagement!

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Historic Savannah Engagement Photography

Connection.. Man have I missed it! Having a busy wedding season forced into an abrupt halt has really thrown life off balance for me. Not only have I missed creating and capturing amazing moments, but I’ve missed connecting with our couples.

We had so much fun strolling through Savannah’s historic streets with Pete and Leah. Seeing their connection as Leah melted into Pete’s arms and documenting their love was such a joy.

I can’t wait for their fall wedding!

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Elegant Savannah Engagement Photography

I was watching the weather like a hawk. We photographed our first wedding of the year on Saturday and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sunny and 68 in January? Yes please! Now a cold front was heading our way and rain was pushing through ahead of it.

Sunday was overcast with scattered rain and it was beginning to get colder. I knew Madi and Chris were only in town for the weekend and I didn’t want Mother Nature to spoil their Savannah engagement session. 

Fortunately the light rain cleared out before the afternoon and while it was a little breezy Madi and Chris didn't allow it to bother them one bit. 

They had amazing chemistry and looked like they stepped right out of  a magazine!

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