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Surprise Forsyth Park Proposal

Kyle and Mackenzie strolled along the tree covered sidewalk and stopped by the fountain. Kyle handed her a piece of paper. As she began reading a group of folks began peeking out from behind the pump house on the other side of the fountain. The moments seemed to pass in slow motion as Kyle began to pull out the ring and get down on one knee. 

Mackenzie said yes and clung to Kyle as their family members came out from their hiding spot to surprise her and join the celebration. 

Congratulations to Mackenzie and Kyle on their Savannah engagement!

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Surprise Proposal at The Lost Square

To celebrate their anniversary Genevieve and Trent went to one of their favorite rooftop bars to read letters from one another and watch the sunset. As Genevieve was reading her letter Trent got down on one knee behind her. As she finished her letter she turned toward Trent and gasped with a pretty loud expletive. 

As the shock of the moment wore Trent had more surprises up his sleeve. A group of their friends and family had come out to celebrate with them. 

Congratulations to Trent and Genevieve on their engagement!

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