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Fall Forsyth Park and River Street Engagement Photography

I think engagement sessions are super important, because they are a great way for us to get to know one another before the wedding day. They should also be a lot of fun! Who doesn’t enjoy holding hands, kissing, and snuggling with the one they love? It’s really easy to become stressed just thinking about and planning for your engagement session. Most of us aren’t very comfortable with the idea of dressing up and being in front of the camera, which is why I work to make every session as relaxed as possible. I had a great time during my recent session with Nicole and Cullen! We explored some of my favorite Savannah locations, while chatting about them, Savannah, and of course their wedding day. Cullen admitted that he may not have been looking forward to the session, but in the end he smiled and said “it wasn’t that bad”. Besides, you can’t go wrong with a beer stop during your session.

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