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Let's Celebrate

On a normal school day Spencer would already be in class. By now they would’ve already had their morning meeting and probably have sung “Happy Birthday” to him. He would’ve been with his friends bragging about how he’s now 6 years old.

Well today isn’t a normal day, in fact no day is really “normal” right now. Instead of being at school Spence watched the Morning Meeting in his pjs at my desk. Rather than celebrating with friends he’s getting a shrimp dinner and a cake at home.

Gatherings are a little different right now, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still celebrate. Last week I had the honor of photographing an 80th birthday party on a neighbor’s front lawn. It may not have been the kind of party they were expecting, but that didn’t make it any less special.

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Phased Reopening

Whew...I’m tired! I’m tired of the daily press conferences. I’m tired of the political parties pointing fingers at one another and not working together. I’m tired of the divisiveness. I’m getting tired of social media. Everyday my feed is filled with those arguing that the Government is overreacting and doing too much or others arguing that not enough is being done.


I’m tired of hearing about the “new normal”. What does that even mean? If they’re talking about a life filled with anxiety and uncertainty, well they can have it, because I don’t want to be normal. 


Last week, guidelines were released for reopening of the US. It’s a three phased approach based on the advice from public health officials. If you haven’t seen it here’s the basics:

Phase 1: no events over 10 people, limited travel. To get to Phase 1, the state has to be 14 days past the peak and have a steady decline in new cases.

Phase 2: no events over 50 people, limited travel. To get to Phase 2, the state has to show that they do not have a rebound in cases while in Phase 1.

Phase 3: allows bigger events and no recommendations on travel.


 Since these guidelines were released several Governors, including Georgia’s have announced plans for reopening businesses starting this week, which many feel is too soon.

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A Joke of a Wedding

They say there’s someone for everyone, but folks will argue that some people are just unloveable. That’s exactly why Joker and Harley Quinn have had such a twisted relationship over the years. Between Joker’s love for power and obsession with Batman it was enough to make a girl wonder if there was any room for love in his villainous heart. 

After teaming up with Batman to save Gotham City from his own destructive plot, Joker began to change. His icy demeanor began to soften. He joined a 12 Step group and began to truly face his demons. After Joker came crawling back for the 100th time Harley Quinn could finally see that something in him was different. 

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Social Distancing

Social distancing. Every year there’s a list of the most used words or phrases released. I have no doubt that “social distancing” will be on that list. Not only have we been hearing it mentioned multiple times a day, but we can see it everywhere we look. 

Many restaurants are closed or have removed tables to all for adequate social distancing. There’s even tape on the floor at many checkout lines to mark the recommended distance we should be standing from the next person in line. Heck, the last in-person 12 step meeting I attended had the chairs set up about 3-4 feet apart in a giant circle.

Right now it’s affecting every part of our daily lives. Friends are anxious and worried and you just want to give them a hug and let them know it’ll be ok, but you can’t. 

No matter how much some of us try to deny it, we’re social creatures and nothing is more social than a wedding. It’s a day filled with hand shakes, hugs, and lot’s of love being poured out on one another. Guests sit elbow to elbow for the ceremony and gather around large tables for the reception. You pass bread and hang out with close talkers, then you pack in on the dance floor with even closer dancing.

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Joining Forces

Man are we living in some strange times! People are walking around wearing masks, stores are out of toilet paper, and some of our favorite restaurants are closed. The bustling historic streets of my beloved Savannah are way too quiet. 

Our reality has temporarily been altered and we have no idea when it will go back to normal. All of this uncertainty has caused a lot of anxiety during what should be an exciting time for those planning 2020 weddings.

I know things are super stressful right now, so I want to reassure you that we’re here for you! We’ve already been working with our fellow wedding vendors to schedule new dates for the spring weddings that have been affected by gathering restrictions and venue closures. 

Things are still a bit foggy as we move forward into the year, and honestly it’s a bit much for a solo photographer to handle alone, which is why I’ve joined forces with fellow Savannah wedding photographer Angela Hopper in order to better serve our couples. 

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