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Top 10 Savannah Wedding Venues

Planning a wedding can be tough. There are lots of things to consider from hiring vendors to picking out flowers. But, I don’t think any decision is more important than choosing the right venue. Your entire day revolves around this one important choice. So it’s key that you select the venue that best fits your personality, needs, and of course budget.

Savannah is a beautiful city and there are a ton of options from historic sites to dedicated full service venues. There really are a lot to choose from. Just narrowing down this list was hard!

As a wedding photographer we get to interact with the management side of a venue, but we also witness the day along with the guests. So through our experience we’ve put together a list of our 10 favorite venues in the Savannah area.

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My Secret Weapon

I was scrolling through a photography Facebook group and saw a post from someone searching for a second photographer. I was floored! It was Wednesday and they were looking for a photographer for a wedding happening in three days!

The thing is, it really shouldn’t be a surprise, because I see it all the time. Just about every week there’s a new post, looking for a second shooter for the weekend. 

I get it! Things happen and sometimes you have to scramble to find a replacement, but it feels like this is happening way too often.

Just a few years ago most wedding photographers worked alone, but then there was a change and more husband and wife photography teams appeared. Now, it’s kinda expected to have two photographers for every wedding.

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Friday the 13th Sydonie Mansion Wedding

Triskaidekaphobia. Man that’s a big word! I’m not sure how to pronounce it, but it means you’re afraid of the number 13. I know it sounds ridiculous, but even horror legend Stephen King suffers from it.

If you have Triskaidekaphobia, then Friday the 13th is probably one of those days you don’t leave your house. You definitely wouldn’t plan a big event, like say a wedding. 

Well Katie and Tim don’t suffer from such a phobia. In fact they embrace the superstition as well as the supernatural. It’s so much a part of who they are that Tim proposed in a cemetery. 

It’s perfectly fitting that they planned their wedding on Friday the 13th within 24 hours of the last full moon of the decade. The Sydonie Mansion in Mount Dora, Florida was the perfect  backdrop. They even have a resident black cat, which Katie says is what sealed the deal for her in selecting the venue.

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Tybee Beach and Guard House Wedding

There was a single boutonniere on the table next to the wedding rings. Mike was supposed to be wearing it as he officiated Jim and Debbie’s vow renewal. Unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer, so the white rose stood as a reminder. 

The sky was overcast and the light was fading fast, but just before Debbie was escorted onto the beach the sun began to poke through the clouds. Jim smiled as his daughters, Jenna and Katie, kissed their mom on the cheeks.

It was a beautiful December day on Tybee Island that was warm enough, you didn’t even need a jacket.

It had been 30 years since Debbie and Jim first said “I do”. They joked about needing glasses as they read their heartfelt vows to one another.

After the ceremony everyone headed to the Tybee Guard House. The reception was all about the food as Thrive Catering put out a delicious spread. Debbie and Jim ate, danced, and reminisced as they celebrated with family and friends.

As Jim said, “let’s do it again in 20 years”!




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Savannah Bed and Breakfast Anniversary Session

Coliene crossed her ankles as she bashfully looked away. It had been 12 years since she and Aldo had stood in that very spot by the fountain and said “I do”. 

Back then they didn’t have the money to hire a photographer to document their day. So, for their 12th anniversary they returned to the Savannah Bed and Breakfast Inn to celebrate with a photo session. 

Coliene had a bouquet done, picked out a beautiful dress, and even wore the same shoes as her wedding day. Aldo and Coliene are absolutely adorable together.

Happy anniversary!

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