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Whew...I’m tired! I’m tired of the daily press conferences. I’m tired of the political parties pointing fingers at one another and not working together. I’m tired of the divisiveness. I’m getting tired of social media. Everyday my feed is filled with those arguing that the Government is overreacting and doing too much or others arguing that not enough is being done.


I’m tired of hearing about the “new normal”. What does that even mean? If they’re talking about a life filled with anxiety and uncertainty, well they can have it, because I don’t want to be normal. 


Last week, guidelines were released for reopening of the US. It’s a three phased approach based on the advice from public health officials. If you haven’t seen it here’s the basics:

Phase 1: no events over 10 people, limited travel. To get to Phase 1, the state has to be 14 days past the peak and have a steady decline in new cases.

Phase 2: no events over 50 people, limited travel. To get to Phase 2, the state has to show that they do not have a rebound in cases while in Phase 1.

Phase 3: allows bigger events and no recommendations on travel.


Since these guidelines were released several Governors, including Georgia’s have announced plans for reopening businesses starting this week, which many feel is too soon.


Now I know everyone wants to jump right ahead to Phase 3 and get back to “normal”, but what is that “new normal” going to look like. How will this time in isolation change us? That’s the million dollar question that everyone wishes they had the answer for. 


I personally have no clue. Maybe by June, we’ll be documenting 50 person weddings while wearing a mask. Maybe by August, we’ll be able to go to Disney. Right now it’s all still up in the air and that sucks. I’m a recovering addict and I really dislike change and uncertainty. I truly doubt that makes me any different from anyone else these days. 


I do agree that things will be different this fall. I think we’re going to be way more aware when someone sneezes or coughs around us. We’re going to wash our hands and use sanitizer. We’re going to appreciate time with our friends and a nice quiet lunch at a restaurant more than ever.


One of the big questions for us in the wedding industry is what will weddings look like? Will the guest lists be smaller? Will destination weddings still be popular? One of the trends I’ve noticed over the past few months was larger wedding parties. Sometimes as many as 22 total bridesmaids and groomsmen. Is this perhaps a trend that will drastically change? Will older guests feel comfortable traveling to destination weddings? 


There are a lot more questions right now than answers, but we’re getting closer. 

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