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We were surrounded! All eyes were on us as we did our best to follow the rhythm and not look like awkward middle schoolers at a school dance. We had just been introduced and were sharing our first dance as husband and wife. The only problem was...the song.

We looked at one another as we swayed, and I’m not sure what my wife was feeling but my stomach was in knots. Not because everyone was watching, but because that was not the right song. You see, I wanted everything to be  perfect, but things were already off and it was all my fault.

A few months before our wedding, I had secured our musicians. We would have a solo act to kick things off and then a kick ass band from Atlanta would take over and get the party started. When I spoke with our solo act, we had discussed the first dance song and I had requested Marry Me by Train. It was popular at the time, and we were going to San Francisco for our honeymoon, which is where the band got their start. The problem was, I never followed up to make sure he had learned the song and was actually going to play it.

That one missing detail had taken me out of the moment before the celebration had even began. That feeling is what helps me today. It’s why I send out detailed questionnaires and follow up before the big day. It’s why I never miss a moment. Every detail is important and I don’t want a couple to feel like I did.

My wife was a good sport and today we can laugh about it. I will admit that the old feeling comes back every time I hear Marry Me, which I still consider our song..because let’s face it, when’s the last time you heard Ain’t Misbehavin’ on the radio?

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