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Recently my wife and I watched a TED Talk by Brene Brown. During the talk, Brene mentioned how we often get so caught up chasing extraordinary moments that we miss the ordinary ones, and the ordinary ones are often the most important. That really hit me because all of those years when I was trying to find myself, I spent so much of my time chasing extraordinary moments. I was always looking for the “1 photo”- the decisive moment to tell a story, the big picture that was going to catapult me to bigger and better things, the quick fix that would make everything better. I always wanted to be more than I was, but more of nothing is nothing. 

Today I can see what Brene Brown means. The extraordinary moments and experiences are great, but it is those ordinary moments that often carry the most meaning. 

We just returned from a trip to Disney and one afternoon as we were riding the bus back to our resort, my 5 year old son fell asleep on my lap. That wasn’t the most extraordinary thing to happen that day, but I can promise you that years from now when he’s too old to carry and we are riding one of those buses. I will look over and see a child sleeping in their dad’s lap and I will remember that moment and then in turn, that entire vacation.

During a wedding day, we capture lots of special and extraordinary moments, but we also capture those fleeting ordinary ones. The glance between a father and his daughter before he walks her down the aisle. The brief quiet time that a couple shares away from everyone else. The hug from a grandparent. All ordinary moments that hold back a flood of memories from a magical day.

So take it all in and enjoy those extraordinary moments, but please do your best to stay present and enjoy the ordinary ones as well. Take it from someone who allowed lots of those moments to a pass unnoted. One day you may wish to have them back.

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