A Disney Vacation is Like a Wedding

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We just returned from a 5 day visit to the “happiest place on earth.” Waking up early, riding in a cramped bus, and waiting for the rope drop to open the park can make even the most excited of 5 year olds a bit grumpy.

Add in the crowds of sweaty bodies bumping into one another as you attempt to navigate through scooter chairs and strollers without losing a toe and we all become a bit agitated. Especially when our 5 year old somehow manages to lose his shoe in a river at Animal Kingdom.

What I realized during our days in the parks was that a Disney vacation is just like a wedding. We spent months planning, researching the best restaurants and made reservations 6 months in advance. We decided which rides we all wanted to go on and selected Fast Passes 2 months before the trip. My wife put in lots of hours watching vlogs and reading blogs to make sure everything was just right. It felt like we were the Navy Seals planning an invasion. We had our strategy down and targets acquired, but then came the big day and things just went off track.

We had everything in place, but something came up every day. From take-out orders being lost to the dining plan system malfunctioning, we had to take things in stride and be mindful of our attitudes.  

So just like a wedding day, you have to remain flexible and focus on what’s important- on making memories and being with those you love. Those little inconveniences that pop up can spoil a day if you let it, but if you stay in the moment and focus on one another you will make some truly magical memories.

Just like with my son’s shoe- for a minute it seemed like the end of the world and that we’d have to pay an arm and a leg for Disney World Crocs sold at a nearby gift shop, but a cast member wadded in and searched until she found it. Sure he whined for the next hour or so over his wet shoe, but it was a day at Animal Kingdom that we will never forget.


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