75 Valentine's Days and Counting

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From time to time as I’m going through my daily newspaper assignments I interact with people and immediately know that my day was brighter having met this person.  That was certainly the case last week when I met the Orsini’s at Savannah Square.  When I walked in the health care room I saw Mr. Orsini standing over his wife’s bed.  He introduced himself as Sebastian, but was quick to say “everybody calls me Papa”.  “Papa” proudly talked about the couple’s children as he sat in a chair at Emma’s bedside and lovingly held her hand.
The Orsini’s have been married since 1937 and over the weekend they were honored along with other couples celebrating milestone anniversaries at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.  Being in my first year of marriage I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to celebrate 75 Valentine’s Days with my wife.  No matter how many we share together I hope that I will still be as in love as “Papa” and Emma appear to be.  He told me that “her being in pain brings tears to his eyes” but that they’ve “had a good life together”.  “Papa” leaned in to tell Emma that he loved her and as I was leaving he gave me a parting bit of advice...  “Don’t go to bed angry, you both have to give a little.”
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