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Deja Vu and Some Gorgeous Light Too

Paige and Alex blog-14

It was Déjà vu! As I made the drive along the causeway to Jekyll Island, the rain drops dotted my windshield and dark clouds loomed over head. I flashed back exactly one year to that same feeling of “I hope this rain clears out soon”! In 2015 I was on my way to document Paige and Alex’s beach wedding. This time I was meeting them for a first anniversary session. By the time we arrived at the historic Horton House ruins the rain had stopped. Much like their wedding day, Mother Nature gave us a beautiful evening for photos.

Paige and Alex blog-1 Paige and Alex blog-2 Paige and Alex blog-5 Paige and Alex blog-3 Paige and Alex blog-4 Paige and Alex blog-6 Paige and Alex blog-7 Paige and Alex blog-8 Paige and Alex blog-9 Paige and Alex blog-10 Paige and Alex blog-11 Paige and Alex blog-12 Paige and Alex blog-13 Paige and Alex blog-15 Paige and Alex blog-19 Paige and Alex blog-16 Paige and Alex blog-17 Paige and Alex blog-18

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Jessica and Mike: Driftwood Beach Wedding

Mike and Jessica blog-25

I love Jekyll Island, and this couple made me love it even more! Jessica and Michael are so sweet, and I truly felt a part of their family as I captured the emotion in their photos.  Jessica commented that she cried at least three times even before the ceremony.  I’ll admit, I teared up too.  The love was definitely felt between these two, and among their families.

What an honor it was to be there for this adorable and loving couple! Thank you for the opportunity, Michael and Jessica!

Mike and Jessica blog-1 Mike and Jessica blog-2 Mike and Jessica blog-3 Mike and Jessica blog-4 Mike and Jessica blog-5 Mike and Jessica blog-6 Mike and Jessica blog-7 Mike and Jessica blog-8  Mike and Jessica blog-10 Mike and Jessica blog-11 Mike and Jessica blog-12 Mike and Jessica blog-13 Mike and Jessica blog-14 Mike and Jessica blog-15 Mike and Jessica blog-16 Mike and Jessica blog-17 Mike and Jessica blog-18 Mike and Jessica blog-19 Mike and Jessica blog-20 Mike and Jessica blog-21 Mike and Jessica blog-22 Mike and Jessica blog-23 Mike and Jessica blog-24 Mike and Jessica blog-26 Mike and Jessica blog-27 Mike and Jessica blog-28 Mike and Jessica blog-29 Mike and Jessica blog-30 Mike and Jessica blog-31 Mike and Jessica blog-32 Mike and Jessica blog-33 Mike and Jessica blog-34 Mike and Jessica blog-35 Mike and Jessica blog-36 Mike and Jessica blog-37 Mike and Jessica blog-38 Mike and Jessica blog-39 Mike and Jessica blog-40 Mike and Jessica blog-41 Mike and Jessica blog-42 Mike and Jessica blog-43 Mike and Jessica blog-44

Ceremony: Driftwood Beach
Hair and Makeup: Emma Collins Beauty
Officiant: Michael Exum
Reception: Villas by the Sea Resort
Catering: Halyards
Cupcakes: Publix
Music: DJ Crash
Second Photographer: Angela Hopper
Photo Assistant: Alicia May

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Sara and Kale: Jekyll Island Engagement Photography

Sara and Kale blog-1

Southern summers can mean for some challenging weather, and with that, a lot goes into planning the perfect time for a photo session. Vacationing from Indiana, Sara and Kale were excited to have their engagement session on Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach. We planned around the tides, and prayed that the weather would hold out as the forecast was looking a little spotty.  Thankfully, although it was raining just a short distance away on St. Simons Island and on the north side of Jekyll, our little area along Driftwood Beach remained picture perfect!

Sara and Kale blog-2 Sara and Kale blog-3 Sara and Kale blog-4 Sara and Kale blog-5 Sara and Kale blog-6 Sara and Kale blog-7 Sara and Kale blog-8 Sara and Kale blog-9 Sara and Kale blog-10 Sara and Kale blog-11  Sara and Kale blog-13 Sara and Kale blog-14 Sara and Kale blog-12

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